Taste Of Egypt Chop Chop Winter 2014 Menu

Taste Of Egypt Chop Chop Menu

Chop Chop Lunch $13


 1st Course: Lentil Soup– A delicious bowl of soup made with red lentils, carrot, tomato and onion boiled together with a mixture of flavorful spices.

2nd Course: Egyptian style Fish and Chips– Two pieces of fresh haddock accented with lemon in a crispy, lightly seasoned batter and served with fresh cut French fries.


Ancient Egyptian Chop Chop Dinner $31


 1st Course: Besara dip is an Ancient Egyptian dip made with split fava beans, coriander, parsley and flavorful spices, topped off with caramelized onion and served with fried pita chips.


 2nd Course: Moloukhia– A nutritious dish that was traditionally eaten by Ancient Egyptian Royalty that is made with jute leaves, coriander, garlic and a flavorful broth. It is served with basmati rice and sautéed cubes of boneless skinless chicken breast. 


 3rd Course: Kanafeh– A popular Arabian dessert made of shredded phyllo pastry, stuffed with cheese, drizzled with syrup and topped off with pistachio nuts.


  ‘The story about Moloukhia is that the Pharaohs thought that the jute plant was poisonous which they called “Khaya”. When the Hyksos occupied Egypt and tried to destroy and wipe out the parameters of Pharaonic civilization, they tried to do anything to drive the Egyptians crazy. They forced the Egyptians to eat jute leaves by telling them “Melo-Khaya” which in translation meant “Eat Jute Leaves”. Believing that they would die after eating it, the Egyptians forced down the food and realized that it was delicious. Instead of driving them crazy, they in turn gave them a gift of a nutritious cuisine and they continued calling it Moloukhia.’


‘This menu was printed in memory of Margaret Begner, a pioneer in the Uptown restaurant scene and one of the prime founders of Chop Chop. We honour Margaret, recognizing her enthusiasm for our community and her work towards the quality dining culture we now have Uptown.’

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